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ROH Book Series (|-x) Total of 11 books.
|-V||,Written by Dr.M.L.Sehgal
|X-X, Co-authoured by Dr.Sanjay Sehgal and dr.Yogesh sehgal

Never born Never Died
Visited this planet between
1929 - 2002
Practical applicability of Hahnemann's golden principle of cure (the cure must be pleasant, quick and permanent) is to be seen taking the shape in reality. We have to treat a patient not the disease. Hering's law: The recovery must start from within outwards, from centre to periphery from above downwards, in reverse order of coming. One remedy, one dose at a time. Dr. Kent says, we treat the man. The man exists in his will and understanding, supported by his memory. This, in other words, is his mind, The mind is the most sensitive part of human being. In case of a disease or proving, the mind is the first to react. Dr. Sehgal emphasised that "a medicine which is a true similar, must be capable of restoring NATURAL ORDER IN THE BODY WHICH HELPS IT TO HEAL ITSELF ON THE LINES OF NATURAL CURE, WHICH IN TURN INSTIGATES THE PROCESS OF NATURAL HEALING."